Garish Gal How To: Ikea Shelving Hack

Hi Garish Gals-

It has been a LONG time since I last blogged. Truth be told, I was lacking Inspiration. However, the GARISH GAL BLOG IS BACK.  Not only are we giving you fashion, but also outfit inspo, home decor, DIY projects, and fun recipes!

For the first post back, I am sharing a DIY Ikea hack that I recently completed! Hopefully you find it as easy & fun as I did!



This is from the offices at that they had featured on their instaStories. SERIOUSLY OBSESSED! Their offices are PERFECT.


Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 8.48.10 PM.png

I started with the Hyllis Ikea Shelf unit (seriously, it’s only $14.99!!). Gang, this thing is BRUTAL looking when you pull it out, but don’t worry we are about to make it CUTE.

Step 1–

I took out all the pieces and laid them on cardboard on my garage floor. I started spraying them with this Metallic Gold Spray paint that I purchased at Menards. I also used this incredible thing to avoid ruining my Mani with spray paint!

I sprayed every square inch the give you! I knew I would be covering the shelve tops with contact paper, but I sprayed them anyway. I used 1.5 cans of the gold spray paint and each received 2 coats!

I had read a tutorial where the gal had assembled first and then sprayed everything. However, I wanted to make sure I coated everything the best I could. I took some cardboard and my drill to drill the screws into a piece of cardboard. Thats how I sprayed them! Super Easy!

Once I was done, I used the drill to back out the screws! Easy peasy!

After I was done I brought the shelves inside my house before the next step. Again, I didn’t really care about the tops so you can see there are some paint blemishes.

sprayed shelves gold


Step 2–

CONTACT PAPER!! I have actually used this stuff in the fashion truck, so I had some left over and then ordered another roll of it. I would say 2 rolls would be sufficient. I had some left over in the end. I also used a box cutter (and exact-o knife would have been amazing, but I couldn’t find mine).

I laid the paper down and then put the shelf on top and cut like I would if I was wrapping a present! Once I had cut the outline, I flipped the shelf over, left about 1 in for the end, and then started slowly sticking the paper to the shelf. You MUST go slow (I know it’s hard, I’m not patient either) in order to push out all the air bubbles. I just used my pinky, but you can also purchase a tool if you feel so inclined. My pinky worked great!

shelf one done marble

I cut out the overage on the corners so there wouldn’t be funky overhang. Sometimes the contact paper doesn’t want to stick, if that happens to you, then I suggest using either hot glue, or E6000 glue to seal it down!

marble contact paper added to shelves

Step 3–

Start assembling!! Follow the directions from the Ikea box–they aren’t as bad as everyone says!! Also, I poked little holes in the contact paper so you can easily see where the screws need to go in!


Once you have assembled, it’s time to start STYLING!!

another final view

Here’s a full view of my office! I am living for Mid Century Modern styling, so this fit PERFECTLY with my decor.

final view


What You Need-

Shelving Unit – Purchased at Ikea

Spray Paint- Purchased mine from Menard’s, but you can really find it anywhere!

Spray Paint Gun – This this was a life saver! Bought mine at Hobby Lobby (with their 40% off one Item coupon), but it can also be found on Amazon.

Contact Paper– Purchased from Amazon

Send us pics if you make this for yourself! We would LOVE to see!

Enjoy, Garish Gals!



Garish Gal Does Halloween

IMG_6049_2 IMG_6041_2IMG_6045_2IMG_6051_2 IMG_6055_2 IMG_6037As a Garish Gal, I love the idea of being creative and coming up with a fun Halloween costume.

The older I get, the less I feel like dressing in something funny or overly sexy.

So here are a few fun ways to dress up for Halloween the Garish Gal way.

FYI- All of the props (i.e hats, swords, gold coins) are from the dollar section at Target!

Pirate: I love this look (mainly because this is what I will be wearing!!). The leather skirt really goes well with what a pirate would wear! By adding the pirate accessories, we finish off the look!

Devil: This is a different take to the typical devil. Red is a hard color for me to wear, so by adding the black leather hot shorts and ivory fur vest to the cross back blouse, it creates a different but still sexy devil look. The devil headband is a look finisher!

Army Girl: This is SO cute! The camo blouse, pleather ivory perfect tank, and the black skater skirt is a fun way to be a contemporary army gal! Add an army hat and a killer pair of boots to complete this look!

Ring Leader: This look so reminds me of the Britney Spears song, so of course I am in love! The gold lurex jacquard shorts, perfect tank, ring leader hat, and a pair of heels make for a perfect look!

Frankenstein: Who says Frankenstein can’t be hot? These jogger leather track pants and black fur vest are great way to beat the cold weather for Halloween. Finish the look with the Frankenstein mask & our pretty cream blouse!

Cop: Leather & Handcuffs are the perfect cop combination. This black pleather jacket, black and white blouse, and pleather shorts are an updated cop outfit! Instead of grabbing bracelets, grab handcuffs & a police hat to complete the look!

The great part about all these looks is that you can wear them in your every day wardrobe!

Go to to grab your Garish Gal Halloween look!

Use promo code HapHallo for 15% off all of these items!