its here picture

AHHHH!! The enclosed cargo trailer that will be the newest home of Garish Gal on the go is finally in! I couldn’t be happier with how the trailer turned out. We had the manufacturer add in a wall and make a few other adjustments, so I was thrilled to finally see the end result. My grandpa also had donuts (which is one of my favorite foods ever)!!! Check out the pictures below to see the “shell” of Garish Gal on the go!

We started to put in the flooring in and it was a littttttttle bit harder than we thought it was going to be. My grandpa (pictured) would measure and cut the pieces to fit and I was in charge of locking the pieces in and using a mallet to secure the flooring. We started to really get into a grove, but our hunger got the best of us!

donut trailer picture

I literally LOVE donuts…so my two favorite things obviously had to be experienced together!

half face pic

I surprised myself by excelling at putting the floor in! I actually started to really like it! It did require some breaks though!

beg inside of trailer

This is the inside of the trailer which will house the fitting room and clothing racks!

outside back beg of trailer

This is the back of the trailer which will be the entrance!

outside of trailer beg

The whole trailer!! It was bigger than I remembered! I’m going to need prayers just to drive this bad boy!

beginning inside of trailer

This is the inside back of the trailer where the entrance will be!

beginning of flooring

Here is the beginning of the floor installation! I love that this project has become a great bonding experience with my grandpa that I will have forever! He is helping make my vision come alive with his woodworking skills and I couldn’t be happier!

Stay tuned for more updates ❤


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