Comfy Cozy in Chicago

maggie smile black shirt edited.jpg

edited vest pic.jpgsisters.jpgvest edited.jpgmaggie black shirt edited.jpg

Vest // Leggings (Coming to Garish Gal SOON!!–You can also try these!) // Top

Disclaimer–I am shy in front of the camera! BUT–I love this super warm and cozy fleece lined vest! Also, this black top is an amazing piece. I wear it ALL the time. It is easy to wear to work and a great piece to throw on for date night! THE BEST part of the whole outfit–these amazing liquid pleather Spanx leggings. These bad boys SUCK you right in and feel amazing. I have been LIVING in them. Garish Gal will have these in SOON! They are worth every penny & I can’t wait to add more pairs to my closet! The Jack by BB Dakota version in stock now are equally great. They have a really cool pattern to them and look amazing on. They are also a little more budget friendly than the Spanx leggings.

Happy Shopping, loves!





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